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Reason Isn’t Everything

Archimedes Thoughtful

Archimedes Thoughtful (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There is not such a great gap between mysticism and rationalism as we tend to imagine . . . we have all urged friends to “sleep on” a problem in the hope of finding a solution that has eluded them in their waking hours. When our minds are receptive and relaxed, ideas come from the deeper region of the mind. This has also been the experience of such scientists as Archimedes, who discovered his famous Principle in the bath. A truly creative philosopher or scientist has, like the mystic, to confront the dark world of uncreated reality and the cloud of unknowing in the hope of piercing it. As long as they wrestle  with logic and concepts, they are, necessarily, imprisoned in ideas or forms of thought that have already been established.

– Karen Armstrong, from “A History of God” (Alfred A. Knopf, Inc., 1993)

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A Moment With Gil: “The Maniac”

No, not Chesterton. “The Maniac” is chapter 2 of his book “Orthodoxy,” in which Gil takes aim at so-called freethinkers. A few quotes for your entertainment.

“The madman is not the man who has lost his reason. The madman is the man who  has lost everything except his reason.”

“For we must remember that the materialist philosophy (whether true or not) is certainly much more limiting than any religion . . . Mr. McCabe thinks me a slave because I am not allowed to believe in determinism. I think Mr. McCabe a slave because he is not allowed to believe in fairies.”

“Detached intellectualism is . . . all moonshine; for it is light without heat, and it is secondary light, reflected from a dead world.”

Gilbert Keith Chesterton did have a way with words.

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